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De'Xandra is Malaysia’s No. 1 Fragrance

We are Malaysia’s top perfume producer and have garnered several awards for the stellar quality of our products. With over 19,000 registered resellers nationwide, we have become a household name and the perfume of choice for many Malaysians.

What is De'Xandra?

Derived from the Greek name Alexander, Xandra is the feminine version which carries the meaning “defender of mankind”. This characteristic is the essence of our aspiration to help people from all walks of life

become more successful by giving them a way to discover their best potential with our perfumes and our entrepreneurial programmes.

De'Xandra perfumes

Our brand’s new look aims to create a long-lasting impression in the minds of its users. It combines form and function into one using minimalist-style designs and petite easy-to-carry bottles for portability.

De’Xandra’s new look was carefully selected to give our products a crisp and minimalist look. The new De’Xandra bottle was uniquely designed in line with De’Xandra’s image re-branding campaign.

Some details about our new perfume bottle:

  • For elegance, we used the colour rose gold for the metallic linings of the bottle.
  • Letters on the bottle were kept to a minimum for a more minimalist look.
  • The colours black and white were chosen to accentuate the difference between masculine and feminine scents.

De'Xandra entrepreneur program

At De’Xandra, we believe in the importance of giving back to our community. Therefore, we have established a wildly successful De’Xandra Entrepreneur Program. Through this program, many of our customers were able to generate side income by being our agents or distributors.

We have designed our entrepreneur program to be beginner friendly along with generous profit sharing scheme from our company. We will give personal support and business coaching those interested in joining our program and becoming our partners.

The followings are some of the benefits of De’Xandra Entrepreneur Program:

  • Opportunity to generate side income and work from home.
  • Personal/Team coaching on how to become an entrepreneur.
  • Our perfumes are highly sought after, due to Dexandra’s HQ marketing effort.
  • Not an MLM scheme, we do not sell membership.
  • Anyone can join this program.